VIVA 5, the annual festival of Vibgyor High was bigger and better but resonating with the same enthusiasm.


The event took off with the much awaited competitions and workshops which were held from 4to 11 December 2013.  A platform was provided to each and every child of varied age groups to showcase their talent and live their dreams. It was every student’s window to the world of knowledge and learning.

Competitions like Dress me up, Look alike, Chance Pe Dance, Krazy kiya re and Razmatazz had the wonderful audience of parents and teachers tapping their feet along with the participants. At the same time, competitions like Clay Play, Your World Your View,  Animatoon revealed the artist in every child.


          The competitions were age specific and merit was the ultimate winner. An extremely heartening feature was the participation by other schools. VIVA is truly making its presence felt and evolving as a true inter school festival.

          The various workshops that were conducted saw a large number of participants, many of them as young as three year olds eager to pick up new skills. Workshops like Angels Creation, Create your own Flowers and Ribbon Making saw a large number of eager children trying their hand at creating something new and beautiful.

          Adding to the fun and excitement was the Fun Zone with some unique 1-minute games. The prizes to be won simply served as the icing on the cake. Activities like Pottery, Bangle Making and Tattoo Making added to the entire festive atmosphere prevalent.

          The Viva concerts showcased a multitude of activities ranging from drama to music to dance. It was immensely satisfying to see each and every child perform on stage with great confidence.

          VIVA 5 was a beautiful culmination of all the planning, preparation and focused effort by the students and the entire team at VIBGYOR HIGH – Malad, Goregaon.


The most awaited and fun-filled event of VIBGYOR HIGH was once again here to make the students take a break from their studies and enjoy thoroughly. This year Viva comprised of different workshops and competitions from pre-primary to secondary students.

Students across Grade 1 – 6 assembled a resplendent pageant of art, music, dance and drama after a month long hectic yet enthusiastic preparation. The main idea of organizing these competitions and workshops was to give students a chance to exhibit their aptitude towards extra-curricular activities. Some events allowed parents and their wards to participate jointly. To add the wow factor to the event, the school had organized the ‘VIVA Carnival’, with various food and game stalls designed for children’s enjoyment. The parents enjoyed their day out with their children.

The final concert was held on the third day at the MLR Convention Hall. The theme for the pre primary concert was ‘What on earth is the matter?’ League of Extraordinary Men’ was the theme of Viva 5 which brings forth the main aim of our school, i.e. creating future leaders with concrete human values. The children participated with full zeal and enthusiasm representing their school with high dignity and honour in front of their parents. Issues like nervousness and stage fright had no role to play as these young and budding artists stole the show with their immense talent and confidence.

The parents found the script, song, choice of dance, venue, and duration of the program satisfactory. They participated enthusiastically along with their wards in all the competitions designed for them. Some of them were so creative in making the props needed for the various competitions. It helped in parents bonding with their children as they spent quality time with them. This also helped them in discovering or recognizing their own hidden talents.


We look forward to seeing the same spirit and bonding and eagerly await Viva 6 next year!Image

Vibrant Viva!!!

(22- 24November 2013)


The energy, enthusiasm and celebration at VIBGYOR HIGH Horamavu epitomized all that Viva stands for. The whole school had a colourful atmosphere with three days of fun and frolic, of parents bonding with children and little ones showcasing immense talent. The response was indeed overwhelming and as our Principal remarked, “Although this is our second Viva, it certainly feels like the first.” Registrations kept flowing in, right down to the wire.


With excitement across the school the event began with competitions which took off on the 22November 2013.

Competitions were well appreciated by the judges and all those who attended Viva. One of the more popular events was the Bollywood Dance: “Mom and Me”. Although the title said “Mom and Me”, fathers too were interested and got on to the dance-floor with their kids. This was one competition which ensured that parents spent good quality time practicing with their children before participating. The enthusiasm displayed by the participants won the hearts of all spectators.


Another popular event was “Food Craft”. These little chefs with their nimble fingers carved vegetables and dressed salads with such panache that they left all the adults astounded! The judge, a renowned executive chef from Hotel Opus, Mr. Daniel Selvaraj remarked, “The talent that these children have is astounding. They have the makings of future chefs. One of them even made balsamic vinaigrette from scratch. I cannot believe that these are children from grades three and four. Amazing talent! ”


The workshops, conducted on 23November 2013, enjoyed immense participation with some events boasting over 100 participants. It was a pleasure to watch children unearth their latent talents, be it in the field of pottery, art work or turning out delicious recipes. Parents who accompanied children and joined in the workshop had a splendid time and many shared that they had been transported to their childhood and wished this could happen more often.


As the name conjures and in true Viva spirit, the three day extravaganza culminated with a scintillating array of dance, music and drama on 24 November 2013 at the MLR Convention Centre. The Viva concerts were held in three shows distributed across the day and showcased breathtaking performances by our students. Parents were enthralled by the grandeur and ambience and appreciated the work put in by the staff and students. The whiff of the Viva plethora will remain in the air until the fever sets in next term.


Miss Tamara. H

Vibgyor High Horamavu

Viva is a platform where children are groomed to showcase their talent. The Annual Concert, Workshops and Competitions were conducted during the Viva days through which a child could exhibit his/her talents and enhance their skills.


Viva 5 at VIBGYOR HIGH Marathahalli began with the auditions for the Premiere Competitions on 19 and 20 October 2013. This event saw students from various schools across Bengaluru come in large number to participate in the four Premiere Competitions; Swing and Swirl, Voice of Viva, Viva Nova and U-16 Basketball Championship. Ms. Puja Iyer represented VIBGYOR HIGH Marathahalli for Viva Nova at the Grand Finale held in Pune on 22December 2013.


Viva celebrations at VIBGYOR HIGH Marathahalli began on 5December 2013. The Annual concert was held over a span of 3 days at the MLR Convention Centre for various grades.


Competitions and workshops were held in the school campus from 5– 8December 2013. Various competitions like Poem Recitation, Mom/Dad and Me, Props Rock, Nature Ally were held for the tiny tots of Pre-primary. Poem Recitation saw the little ones of Nursery and Jr. Kg, come dressed as their favourite character and recite a related rhyme. Nature’s Ally saw the children of Sr. Kg exhibit their drawing and colouring skills. Viva 5 saw entries from various other schools for these competitions.


Competitions such as Razzmatazz, Mom n Me, Paper Quilling, Cartoon Creation and Food Craft were held for the children of Primary and Secondary children.

Age appropriate workshops were held for students and parents across various grades. Workshops such as Pottery, Story Telling, Glass Painting, What’s Your Story, Budding Talent and Jewellery Making saw students and parents participate in large numbers.   


These workshop and competitions were highly appreciated by students and parents alike as they enhanced their imaginative and creative skills.

Each parent, student and teacher has lots of fond memories to carry with them about Viva 5 and is eagerly awaiting the next VIVA!!!

Viva is an incredible platform for all those who have a passion to dream and live the dream. It brings out the hidden talents of young minds in an extraordinary amalgamation of performing arts and sports. It was a 3 day extravaganza from 13 – 15 December 2013 having an eclectic mix of competitions, workshops, concerts and sporting tournaments.

VIVA 5 was a stupendous success. Nearly 40 schools participated in the event in massive numbers. The Viva Rally; an amazing activity conducted by the staff and led by our Principal across the prime areas of the city, garnered great attention and interest about Viva in the city. The obvious effects were the students’ zeal and eagerness to participate in competitions and workshops. The auditions for the four Premiere Competitions provided a novel experience to the students. The variety of competitions and workshops was a big treat to the students and parents.

The avidity of the parents was incredible! The school’s initiative of holding competitions for them was greatly appreciated for all.  Viva Sports was another striking feature of Viva 5. Teams from every corner of the district participated with winning spirit. The swimming competition got a tremendous response as was the same with Football, it being the nerve of the city.

The month of December was completely occupied with rigorous practices by the students which culminated into a spectacular show on 13, 14 and 15 December 2013. The magnificent stage, the hues of talent and the entire quorum of VIBGYOR HIGH Kolhapur was a complete package of entertainment and perfection. The astounding choreography presented by the students in an idyllic way held the parents spellbound. The Tiny Tots of VIBGYOR Kids, not to be left behind, put up a flawless and marvelous show.

To sum up, the students, parents and yes the staff of VIBGYOR HIGH Kolhapur experienced a sense of accomplishment!

We eagerly await the next Viva edition!

Talent determines what you can do. Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do. Your attitude determines how well you do it.

– Lou Holtz

Keeping the above lines in mind VIBGYOR HIGH Lucknow hosted a grand celebration of its third Viva with great enthusiasm on 16 – 17 November 2013.


As VIBGYOR stands for the radiance of the rainbow which is endowed with the power to create, enrich and enlighten! It is the place where the vibrancy of colour meets the brilliance of education and creativity. Keeping our Vision and Mission in mind, we not only give a chance to our students but also to other children from different schools of the city. This event does not only help students to identify their hidden talents and creativity but also motivates them to participate and compete with great zeal and enthusiasm.


In this multi event celebration various competitions, workshops and sports events were organized.  We organized various sports competitions such as skating competition, basketball, athletics, judo, gymnastics and football. It was a great pleasure to see students participating in these events with healthy sportsman spirit.

This year, Viva had something new and electrifying to offer the thousands of students who eagerly looked forward to participating in this celebration. Viva 5 introduced 4 Premiere Competitions; Voice of Viva, Swing and Swirl, Viva Nova and the U-16 Basketball Championship.


A great number of students from all over the city as well as Vibgyorites participated in different competitions and workshops. Parents and students not only participated, enjoyed and benefited from these competitions and workshops but they had also enjoyed the Concerts held on 16 – 17 November 2013. The bright and beautiful costumes, the enormous stage set-up, sound and light system and the props, all added to the glamour and magnificence of the concert.


Viva 5 was an awesome experience which left everyone asking for more.


Looking forward to Viva-6

Viva 5 was celebrated amidst much aplomb and grandeur on 16 and 17 November 2013 at The Manisha Mandir Ground, Lucknow.

The four Premiere Competitions – Viva Nova, Voice of Viva and Swing and Swirl – introduced this year as part of the new Viva format, enjoyed a huge number of participants from across Lucknow and adjoining areas.

A very great number of students from all over the city as well as Vibgyorites participated in different competitions such as Dance factor, Walk the talk, Beat it instrumental, Dress Me Up, Drums and Roses, Clay Play, Cartoon creation, Viva Treasure Hunt, Razzmatazz, Look Alike, Young writers, Operation Planet Safe, etc. with great zeal and enthusiasm. The students also got the opportunities to showcase their knowledge by part taking in competitions like Spelling Bee and Quiz Quest.

Various workshops were conducted to enable both parents and children to learn different arts, like origami, ceramic painting, t-shirt painting and even cooking.

The Pre-Primary concert held on 16 November 2013 was a joy to watch, with the children looking lovely and bright in their costumes. Everyone enjoyed and appreciated the hard-work, the children had put in.

The highlight of Viva 5 was the Primary-Secondary concert “The League of Extra-ordinary Men.” The Concert was a blend of entertainment, fun and energy, highlighting the strong issue of child labour in a subtle yet emphatic way. The students were enthusiastic and well prepared for the show, whether it was the skit or the dance sequences.

The issue of child-labour was handled in such an interesting way that everyone was left dumb-founded by its true simplicity.

The bright and beautiful costumes, enormous stage set-up, sound and light system and the props, all added to the glamour and magnificence of the concert.

Parents loved to see the children enact their roles so passionately, whether it was Laloo, Rajni, Sachin, Mandira, Siddhu or SRK, all the children did justice to their roles.

Viva 5 was an awesome experience which left everyone asking for more.

Looking forward to Viva 6!